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Summer Fuckup Nights Luxembourg - Vol#1 - Yellow

fuckupnightsbecause entrepreneurial failure is often a springboard to new opportunities

Let’s transform our perception of failure and use it as a catalyst for growth.

After a few years, rediscover Fuckup Nights events in Luxembourg that will remind you that life is made up of failures, twists and turns, and the learning that is essential to success.

New organizers, new challenges, new formulas and lots of surprises!

innovationa community dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship

Europe is said to be ageing, lacking in growth, relegated to the role of spectator in tomorrow’s world; yet there’s no shortage of ideas and talent. We believe that with greater cohesion between companies, better follow-up and closer interaction with institutional players, we can meet the challenges of the future.

Soon, find out more about synergy, a place where people can help each other, debate and find solutions to shape the future.

One of the flagship initiatives we are integrating into our synEvents approach is the Fuckup Nights in Luxembourg. These unique events offer a valuable opportunity to destigmatize failure and value the lessons we learn from our mistakes.

By listening to entrepreneurs and professionals share their stories of failure, we foster a culture of transparency, sharing and determination.

Fuckup Nights turn difficult experiences into collective learning opportunities, reinforcing our belief that every member of our community can help push back the frontiers of innovation. Every member counts and adds unique value by sharing not only his or her successes, but also his or her failures and the lessons learned from them.

There aren’t many organizations that follow you after you’ve set up your business, so we’d like to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. By offering you events like Fuckup Nights, we give you the best tools to advance, develop and pool your skills. These open, constructive exchanges are essential to building a strong, innovative community.

Your success starts with a truly dynamic and participative community. There’s strength in numbers, and by sharing our experiences, both good and bad, we can move forward together towards a brighter, more united future.

synergy : le groupement économique
européen de l’entreprenariat

We offer a dynamic space where innovative ideas and truthful data are at the heart of the discussion, fostering the emergence of sustainable solutions for a better future.

Real-life meetings between entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, experts and decision-makers to foster partnerships and strategic collaborations.

A series of interviews with experts on specific topics.

In-depth analyses of market trends, the creation of sector indices, technological innovations and environmental policies, guaranteeing the transparency and veracity of information.

Expert-led debates, where entrepreneurs and start-ups present their innovative solutions and are challenged on their impact.

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TeamFuckup Nights Luxembourg,  who are we?

United by a common vision, they are known for their constant interest in all the project leaders around them. As entrepreneurs themselves, they are well aware of the issues and challenges they face. Thanks to their network and experience, they are ready to build and consolidate this group with ambitious goals.

Arnaud Baudet

Kamoo® studio & Motion design Luxembourg

Guillaume Chatelain


synergy, a community that brings you rare and innovative solutions and services

Organizing events, creating and exploiting relevant data, detecting and nurturing talent, proposing innovative policies… with the aim of sustaining the economy, environment and social life of the Grande Région.

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+352 691 461 806
+ 352 691 207 642

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